Workplace Yoga

Yoga? At Work? 

Yes! Working in an office can present many physical and emotional challenges. Chronically heightened stress levels, low employee morale, and physical ailments associated with the workplace can take a large toll on a person and a team. Workplace yoga improves employee attendance, stress management, creative problem solving, and team building. Head over to the blog to learn more about the surprising effects office work can have on your body and mind, and how yoga can help.


Annie Clapper Yoga Workplace Office Yoga standing

Talent Retention

As any great manager knows, employee morale is crucial to the success of your company. With a weekly yoga class, not only does your team feel appreciated, but they have a great opportunity to bond over a positive shared experience outside of work projects.  This leads to a higher rate of talent retention which can save companies a lot of time and money.

Proven Results

Wellness programs are already established in many successful companies around the country. These companies are seeing an average return of $3 on every $1 they put into these programs. This return comes from a decrease in illness, physical ailments, and stress levels, as well as an increase in employee morale, creative problem solving, and team strength.

Annie Clapper Yoga Workplace Office Yoga breathing

Annie Clapper Yoga Workplace Office Yoga conference

No Mat Required

Incorporating weekly a 30-minute yoga class is an easy and effective way to bring wellness into your workplace. Your group can participate in this class at a conference table while wearing business clothes, causing minimal disruption to the workday.

Your team deserves it.