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Annie Clapper, Owner

Annie, Matt, Hazel, & Robbie

Annie, Matt, Hazel, & Robbie


After receiving her music degree in classical piano performance, Annie performed and taught music for seven years in Chicago. During this time, she began to pursue yoga more seriously as a way of working through the physical stressors of playing piano. In 2012, Annie received her 200 hour certification in yoga from Bloom Yoga Studio of Chicago, voted Best Yoga Studio in Chicago seven times in the Chicago Reader voter’s poll.

Over the next several years, Annie taught both piano and yoga, eventually choosing yoga exclusively. After Annie’s daughter was born, she began to appreciate the benefits that yoga had on parenting. This inspired her to complete 85 hours of prenatal training in 2016, as well as attending continuing education workshops for kids and tweens yoga.

Having taught corporate yoga in Chicago, Annie immediately spotted a need for stress relief in the offices of Bentonville.

“Northwest Arkansas is a wonderful place to live, but many people working here live in a state of constant stress. Yoga has time and again been scientifically proven to reduce stress levels and increase productivity.”

Annie lives in Bentonville with her husband Matt, a muscian, and their children Hazel and Robbie.